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You wish to acquire one or more Snookballs, contact us to discuss your project. We will present you in detail all our products and prices. And together we will define the best product.

We export all over the world. We will provide you with a quote.

You are an individual, a company, a community and you want to offer the Snookball activity for an evening, a day, a weekend or several days.

Make people discover this new Snookball activity, accessible to all, it is a guarantee of the success of your event. Contact us for a quote.

Discover, compete, challenge, improve, have fun, participate in a championship or a tournament ...

Find here the different places where you can practice Snookball.

But also the contacts of our partner companies, who will be able to offer you the rental of a Snookball ready from home.



The new Sport-Game

Snookball is a hybrid practice combining billiards and football.   The principles of the game are based on billiards, however the balls are replaced by soccer balls and the pool cue by a pair of shoes.

Created and developed by our teams, Snookball is located at the border between sport and play. It is aimed at all audiences and all ages.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Snookball ©

The name Snookball comes from the Snooker which is part of the pocket billiards family like American billiards and Pool. Snooker is played on the largest table, of all billiards.

Snookball © is a registered trademark certified by the company Tatwin at the National Institute of Industrial Property and the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM) n ° 013446885 / INPI certificate 134012808.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Règles de jeu

French, Americans, English, Pool, Snooker ... there are a large number of rules of the game for each type of billiards and balls. For the practice of Snookball, we have chosen to retain the rule of 8, which is probably the most popular rule. Of course we have modified some features to suit the Snookball game. But this new sport-game is above all you who will practice and develop it! You are therefore free to adapt the rules or create new ones ...


Design - Manufacturing

The design and design of the various models are carried out by our design offices. They are subject to legal protection in France, Europe and the world.

OHIM n ° 002450361.0001 - INPI 20134273

Our products are manufactured in our workshops in France. They are made from the best species of birch and their structure is entirely made of wood.


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Be  original, test the billiards with your feet!

As soon as the space is flat, we install a Snookball structure in 30 min.

Ideal for a business event, a community, a sporting event ... this new game does not require any particular physical or technical ability. It is accessible to the greatest number,  adult and child, sportsman and tie.

Present in many cities in France, we can respond to your needs quickly.

Possibility of customization and animation.

We propose  rental for an evening, a day, a weekend or for a longer period ...

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